Smart Web Solution

Voice Search: Don't Get Left Behind

Voice search now represents more than 20% of search traffic, and it is increasing each month. Search engines aren’t just “searching” anymore. They are now “answer engines” looking for a matched "answer" on the content of your site. Do you have the right answers on your site?  Get an Aristotle Smart Web Audit and start serving smarter pages with higher search rank.  



In order to rank well in search today, you need attention to every detail. Here are just a few:


I want smarter pages

Aristotle will audit your site using our Smart Web Solution approach and will provide you with specific details about how to improve your rank in search engines.

Here is what you get for your custom Smart Web Solution Audit:

  • Voice search recommendations
  • Speed benchmark report
  • Page engagement recommendations- Pick your primary marketing page and we will help!
  • Content/url recommendations for your top 3 pages.

Let Aristotle audit your site today for a Smart Web Solution.


Start getting a better return on your investment with Aristotle experts on your side!

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