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Email is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to remarket to those who are already familiar with your product or service. As an experienced email marketing company, we know that there are no true shortcuts to success, but there is considerable value in experience, efficiency and efficacy.

A strong online marketing strategy includes email marketing and delivery. Our clients send more than 28 million emails a year to their opt-in subscribers using our Aristotle Email Solutions. We offer professional email design and writing for e-newletters and e-blasts, and we provide you with best practices to get your emails seen. You can even use our proprietary email client, MailSage, to control your message and track your email statistics.

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Aristotle Email Solutions include:

  • Email marketing strategy and planning

  • Latest email marketing industry advice and best practices

  • Professional email design that generates interest

  • Email campaign landing page design & implementation

  • Manage performance, subscribers, and opt-out listings

  • Reporting: track, measure, analyze and improve your email statistics