5 Website Hacks to Boost Sales

Hand held technology is becoming more demanding of our focus everyday with smartphones and smart watches constantly showing ads and notices; and yet our attention span is shortening. In fact, the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds.  Here are 5 easy website tricks to hijack the human brain of your customer and get them to take action, as quickly as possible!


#1: Add Images to Your Website Content

Remember that old saying: A picture tells a thousand words? Well triple that to 3000 words in 2019 since Instagram and SnapChat are listed as a couple of the fastest growing apps on the market and consumers are 300% more likely to click on an image than text.  Research shows that if you add a related image to a page on your site, your content seems more believable too.  And of course, those pictures make your website more interesting to Google and can help you increase your rank in search!

#2: Show a Comparison Chart

Prove the value of your service in one quick graphic.  Make your service easier to buy with information that shows customers, within a few seconds, that your service provides more than your competitors.

 Comparison Tables

Ref: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/comparison-tables/


#3: Highlight your Best Deal

In the website design book “Don’t Make Me think” by Steve Krug, we learn that everyone wants to skim your website and be fed the important information through graphics.  What is the most important message on each page of your site?  We can all take this to heart when we build a pricing or services page!  Show your customers the best option quickly, lead them to the sale, and don’t make them think too hard.  Below is an example of a chart that demonstrates a few of these principles:

Option Comparisions


#4: Bank on Emotional Intelligence

Have you noticed how banks, credit cards, and major services are using a more emotional appeal in their ads this year?  There were several comments that the nature of the 2019 SuperBowl ads hit the right balance of pathos and sales messaging. Highlights of the messaging included: adopted dogs, jobs for veterans, memories made from more family time, and creating opportunity for children with disabilities.

You don’t have to produce a $ 2 million dollar commercial for the SuperBowl to benefit from this trend. Even a small, affordable image can ramp up the emotion (and sales) of your product.  Note this simple photo in Facebook for the Happy Socks company.

Happy Socks Company


So, your takeaway is to add messaging and images that will put your product or service in the hearts of your visitors.

#5: Make it Shareable

Research shows that with so many advertisers and digital interactions, customers get offered too many choices.  Often, we end up simply choosing anything, just to get the process of choosing over and done with.  So once your customer makes a choice to buy your service, have them share it!  Make it easier for others to see how easy it is to choose you!  I recently saw this simple share screen after a purchase:

Share Purchase


And you can go even further by encouraging reviews and have customers share experiences.  90% of customers will choose a brand that has been well reviewed and referred by a friend:


Referred by Friend.