Aristotle Helps Grow Rice

Arkansas is the largest producer of rice in the United States, but planting the perfect varietal of rice for the right field at just the right time requires constant data feeds between researchers and farmers. And that’s where the Internet comes in.

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service (UAEX) is a research organization that provides weather data and crop research to farmers across the state. UAEX recently turned to Aristotle to build faster mobile access to a myriad of data points to ensure that Arkansas farmers have more successful crops.


UAEX asked Aristotle to redevelop an online application that organized data based on moisture, temperature, proximity-based weather, crop-emergence predictions, and much more. The previous application suffered from database problems, slow load times, and formatting issues — making farmers have to work to understand and implement the data, rather than the data working for the farmers.




The new online application allows farmers to generate reports with data for each field and rice varietal they plan to plant. Based on current data and historical weather patterns, the reports use UAEX research to recommend a timeline of actions that will help produce the most rice from each field. The new application features mobile-friendly access for farmers and county agents. Fast database and download times quickly give farmers the information they need.  Aristotle's @adrew


With Arkansas currently producing 50% of the rice grown in in the United States, and Arkansas’s agricultural economy dependent on rice yields, Governor Asa Hutchinson is focusing on the exportation of Arkansas rice.   The redesigned application will give Arkansas rice farmers the edge by providing current data in an easy-to-access platform, helping Arkansas’s agricultural economy grow nationally and internationally in the coming years.


The Press Release from UAEX DD50 can be found here.


What is the next aspirational Aristotle Ag project?  Blockchain!  Check back on our blog for more.