Unlock the Secret to Free Google Advertising for Nonprofits


Looking for free Google advertising? This is how we got over $178,000 in free Google advertising for Arkansas-based non-profit Bikes, Blues & BBQ.


Bikes, Blues & BBQ is an annual motorcycle rally held in Fayetteville, Arkansas to raise funds for local charities offering youth programs, public education, community outreach and cultural enrichment. Bikes, Blues & BBQ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with limited resources to promote the annual rally.


Aristotle acquired a Google Ad Grant to promote Bikes, Blues & BBQ with free advertising on Google. A Google Ad Grant can provide up to $10,000/month of free advertising in Google Search to promote a nonprofit organization.


• To generate brand awareness for Bikes, Blues & BBQ
• To generate website traffic to www.bikesbluesandbbq.org
• To utilize as much of the free Google ad spend as possible

Often organizations are only able to spend a few hundred advertising dollars per month in Google Ad Grant accounts, due to restrictions that Google places on the settings.

Aristotle’s expert management of our Google Ad Grant program was instrumental in the success of our annual nonprofit event with amazing growth 3 years in a row.

Tommy Sizemore, Executive Director of Bikes Blues & BBQ


Between April 2015 and December 2017, we successfully utilized over $178K in free Google advertising budget to generate amazing brand awareness and website traffic. Check out these incredible results!

• 3,294,592 Ad Impressions – Amazing Brand Awareness
• 182,260 Ad Clicks – Incredible Website Traffic
• $178,144 Free Google Advertising – Close to Maximum Utilization During Peak Months


Here are a few samples of our top performing ad creatives.


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