Celebrating 225 Years of Kentucky

This year Kentucky is 225 years old! Join the yearlong celebration of Kentucky’s history, culture, and tradition. 
When we think of bourbon and bluegrass, Kentucky always comes to mind. Kentucky is a state with a rich history and stunning natural beauty. Its many rivers, lakes, lush forests and national parks make it a popular center for tourism and travel. Kentucky is an outdoor paradise teeming with wildlife and adventure but the state also has a heritage of distinguished southern culture, defined by a history of whiskey distilling, horse racing, and bluegrass. With an attraction or event for almost everyone, it’s no wonder that KY is one of the most beloved destinations for tourism in the U.S.

225 Years of Kentucky History

This year passes an important milestone for historic Kentucky. 2017 marks 225 years since KY became an established commonwealth. In 1792, the region of Virginia beyond the Appalachian Mountains separated from Virginia to become the fifteenth state in the Union.  If you visit Kentucky this year you are in for a treat. This year the region is engaging in a year-long celebration of history, culture, and tradition. To compliment this event, Kentucky Tourism arranged for the development of online content which outlines 225 Places to Visit and Things to Do in the Bluegrass State.

Making It Happen

As you can imagine, with the wide-ranging diversity of things to see and do in Kentucky, this was no easy task. The content was originally to be published on the Kentucky Tourism website but the Kentucky Tourism staff ultimately decided that an all-new site dedicated to the 225-year celebration was in order. The staff at Kentucky Department of Tourism approached the experts at Aristotle and asked if we could build and launch this site by January 2, 2017—a six-day turnaround time. Kentucky Tourism has been a client of ours for many years and our development team happily took on the challenge.

A Website is Born

To showcase such a wonderful event, the website needed to be awesome and it had to happen fast. The team at Aristotle Interactive wasted no time getting started. The structure and template were created on the first day and content development began. The website needed to be completed before the 1st of January so the Aristotle team rolled up their sleeves and burned the midnight oil. The hard work paid off and the commemorative site was launched on the 30th of December!

Showcasing Kentucky

The 225 Years of Kentucky celebration site is a portal to the wonders of the Bluegrass State. True to their reputation, the Aristotle Interactive team found a creative way to showcase the site’s content. An interactive map provides easy access to four different regions of Kentucky and the attractions within each one. And yes, there really are 225 things to see and do on the website. If you could vacation for the whole year, Kentucky would be the place to do it in 2017. With 225 things to choose from, it’s not a matter of finding a great travel destination but deciding which one to visit first!

In addition to the attractions, there is a KY events calendar to help with vacation planning and a history page detailing a short synopsis of Kentucky and why we are celebrating this year. Get started exploring the wonders of Kentucky and plan your adventure by clicking the button below.