4 Reasons Your DMO Website Deserves Better Writing

It’s easy to spend countless hours choosing color palettes, fonts and other razzle dazzle for your new website, but many clients treat one very important aspect as an afterthought: the writing.

It’s easy to see why. After all, words are words, right?

That’s where you’re wrong. Professional copywriting that’s optimized for your site and your audience can be one of the most valuable investments you make. Everyone wants a sharp-looking website, but style without substance just falls flat.

Need convincing? Here are four solid reasons to invest in professional copywriting for your website.

Set yourself apart with great writing.

Your destination has its own unique brand, and it’s reflected in what you say and how you say it on your website. The copy on your site needs to give voice to your brand and sell your unique advantages. A professional copywriter will understand what sets you apart and then write copy that sells you.

Engage your visitors with the right words.

You want people to read your message, so it can’t be cluttered by lengthy paragraphs or technical jargon. The right copy can really speak to an audience and create a bond. A conversational tone helps you find the voice that connects with your audience, turning your site into a trusted advisor rather than just data on a screen.

Drive action with effective copy.

Your copy might inform, but does it persuade? A site visitor is just a visitor until you direct them where to go and what to do. Effective copywriting takes your goals into account and tailors the text to urge your visitors to action.

Boost your site’s rankings with SEO-friendly writing.

A keyword-rich site that has relevant, useful information attracts more visitors. More traffic boosts your site’s value, and you’re likely to see an improvement in Google rankings. Good copy features the right keywords for your site and weaves them naturally into your message for results you can see.

If you’re investing in a new website, the copy should be as well-thought-out as everything else. Your visitors might find a website attractive, but if they can’t have a conversation with it, they’ll get bored pretty quickly.

So when you’re redesigning your site, or if your online language just needs some TLC, get in touch with SEO copywriters who can craft the effective copy your destination deserves.