How Utah Tourism and Aristotle Created a Winning Marketing Campaign Strategy

The Utah Office of Tourism makes sure they’re attracting the right online audience with a unique campaign strategy.

Tourism is a $7.98 billion economy in Utah and it’s the Utah Office of Tourism’s job to keep it growing by promoting their state parks and vibrant cities to out-of-state travelers. But as late as 2013, when Jay Kinghorn was appointed as the office’s Director of Communications and Digital Strategy, they still didn’t have the online and mobile presence they needed to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

They found the expertise they needed in digital agency Aristotle, Inc. Aristotle began managing the Office’s AdWords accounts, and in February 2015, they also helped re-launch with optimization for all devices.

Since the Utah Office of Tourism doesn’t offer bookings directly, they needed a different way to measure their marketing’s success.

Site engagement seemed the surest way to gauge whether their advertising was truly drawing potential travelers to book a visit. Kinghorn’s team was already producing relevant content with original photography and copy to showcase the state’s unique destinations. So together, they designed ad campaigns for specific travelers, ranging from millennials to families, that would help them discover this unique content and encourage them to book a visit to Utah.

The creative, website-centric campaigns help the partners determine whether they’re reaching the right audience with their ads.

Together, they saw a remarkable lift in site engagement on mobile: up 374% compared with the previous year. They were also able to capture specific measurements of success, like whether visitors explored multiple pages of the site per visit—a figure that went up 6.8% on mobile.

The success has much to do with the closeness of the partners’ collaboration. As Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media and SEO at Aristotle, puts it: “When we have our monthly calls, it’s like we’re sitting at the same table, solving the same problems, working together to make it happen.”


“Finding the right agency is critical to our agency’s success. Aristotle’s collaborative approach and strong technical background have helped us better serve prospective travelers and exceed our internal goals.”

Jay Kinghorn, Director of Communications and Digital Strategy for Utah Office of Tourism


“I’ve been impressed with the Utah team from the beginning. The level of thoughtfulness, intelligence, creativity and coordination is consistently high, which makes it a pleasure working together to create engaging content.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO for Aristotle Inc.