Five Myths You Believe About Facebook Advertising

You probably already have a Facebook page, and you might even boost a post once in a while, but have you ever considered what Facebook advertising can do for you? Probably not.

Today is the day to change that. Facebook ads are some of the most targetable, trackable, and cost-efficient ways to advertise today, and if you want to grow your business, Facebook ads should be part of your strategy.

What is Facebook Advertising, you might ask?

If you haven’t had experience with Facebook advertising or just haven’t had the time to research it, there are probably some myths you believe about advertising on Facebook. In this post, we address those myths and help you understand what Facebook advertising can do for your business.

Myth 1: You need to have a huge following first.
Reality: You don’t need fans to see Facebook advertising success.

Advertising success on Facebook doesn’t depend on page likes. In fact, your message can get exposed to the right people whether or not they’ve ever heard of your business.

Having a great number of page likes is fantastic because it means you have loyal customers who appreciate both your services and the content you share on Facebook. However, because of Facebook’s algorithms, the organic content you post on your page won’t get nearly the same amount of views as an ad will.

That’s because Facebook ads are shown to anyone who matches your audience criteria, and the ad will be displayed in those Facebook users news feeds whenever they show up on Facebook. No page like required.

Myth 2: It’s expensive.
Reality: Facebook advertising is extremely cost-effective.

Facebook’s digital medium means that this kind of advertising is much less expensive. There are no materials to purchase and distribution is done automatically.

For standard Facebook ads, you’re only charged when someone clicks on your advertisement. So someone might see your ad several times without it costing you anything, and you only pay when they decide to interact with you.

Compare that to purchasing newspaper ads, radio time, or a TV ad. With those mediums, you’re paying for placement, whether or not anyone decides to interact with you. Which is a better bet?

Myth 3: It can’t help my business; only big companies advertise on Facebook.
Reality: If you advertise at all, and no matter what your business is, Facebook can help.

If you’ve never bought ads, Facebook is a great place to get started. If you’ve bought a traditional advertising ad, you bought that ad because you thought that there was an audience of potential customers among that magazine’s readers or that radio show’s listeners.

With over 1 billion people on the social media network, it’s guaranteed that there are people on Facebook who need your product or service. Maybe all they need is to hear about you or get a discount offer to become a loyal customer.

Myth 4: It’s not as reliable as traditional advertising.
Reality: Facebook advertising is more targetable and trackable than traditional advertising.

When you purchase space in traditional advertising, you’re casting a wide net. You have a general idea of your audience for a particular radio show or magazine, but you run the risk of paying to send out a marketing message that won’t be relevant to many of the potential customers who see it.

Facebook, on the other hand, has incredibly advanced targeting options for all advertisements. From demographic and geographic to interest-based filters, there are multiple factors to choose from, letting you pick the exact target for your audience and avoid wasting your advertising dollars talking to people who don’t want to listen.

You know who your customers are. You should advertise in a medium that lets you talk directly to them and the people like them; your advertising audience shouldn’t be the luck of the draw.

Myth 5: All you do is just boost some posts.
Reality: Research, creative work, strategy, and optimization get the best results.

While the Facebook medium gives several advantages over traditional advertising, it doesn’t change the strategy and experience that go into creating the ads.

From photography choices to excellent writing to which call to actions to promote, there are best practices and strategies that affect the performance of every campaign. Many of these best practices are available through online research, or you can hire experts (like our social team!) who have years of practice in making campaigns succeed on Facebook.

How to Get Started

Want to promote a sale, get signups for an event, or sell more products? It’s simple – go to your Facebook page Insights and click “create ad.” Or click on the button below to get in contact with Aristotle’s social media experts.

We hope you enjoyed this Facebook myth debunking. Happy advertising!