Have Fun With Tags to Boost Your Content

Tags are an important tool in any blog because they help readers find more related content. Tags will not directly improve SEO, but they do provide opportunities for increased engagement and page traffic, which is a great way to boost rankings organically.

Blog tags work to optimize the content of the blog, streamline the user experience and increase time on site. If I read a great blog post about the Ozark Highlands Trail that gets me excited about planning a backpacking trip, I might click the “Backpacking” tag at the bottom of the post to find blog posts about other backpacking trails around the state. The more time I invest reading about backpacking, the more likely I am to start planning a trip.

Tags should be related to the blog post’s content–for example, a post about a Barbecue restaurant in Little Rock might be tagged with “BBQ” “Food” “Restaurants” “Little Rock”. These tags are easy to implement and improve any blog tremendously.