When a potential customer searches for your business online, she’ll see a plethora of information, all of which is helpful as she decides where to take her business. But there’s one Google search tool that increases online and foot traffic that you may not be using: Google Business View.
No matter how much SEO best practices change, one axiom always stays true: Useful, quality content is essential. It’s what keeps people on your site. However, you can’t bust your writing chops all over a page and just leave it there. Without some search-engine optimization, your carefully-crafted copy will be lost forever in the dark, inhospitable nether realms of the Internet, never to be seen again.
Tags are an important tool in any blog because they help readers find more related content. Tags will not directly improve SEO, but they do provide opportunities for increased engagement and page traffic, which is a great way to boost rankings organically.
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