You may have heard about website performance. Google is talking about it, developers are talking about it, and big brands are talking about it. But what, exactly, is website performance? And how does it apply to you?
With an attraction or event for almost everyone, it’s no wonder that KY is one of the most beloved destinations for tourism in the U.S.
Have you ever wished your post could work like an ad? With those handy “Shop Now” or “Watch More” buttons that compel users to click? How cool would it be if you could put those buttons on your regular posts? Well, now we can! Facebook has provided a way to add call-to-action buttons to organic posts. While paid ads will always outperform organic posts, having CTA buttons will help increase engagement.
Love it or hate it, social media has become such an influential force on the internet that it can no longer be ignored. 97% of digital marketers use some form of social media in their marketing mix. However, there is a difference between simply maintaining an online presence and actually leveraging social media to their company’s advantage. While it seems that just about everyone is into social media marketing nowadays, only 15% of marketers have a clear idea of how to use social media effectively.
Tourism is a $7.98 billion economy in Utah and it’s the Utah Office of Tourism’s job to keep it growing by promoting their state parks and vibrant cities to out-of-state travelers. But as late as 2013, when Jay Kinghorn was appointed as the office’s Director of Communications and Digital Strategy, they still didn’t have the online and mobile presence they needed to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.
You probably already have a Facebook page, and you might even boost a post once in a while, but have you ever considered what Facebook advertising can do for you? Probably not. Today is the day to change that.
Your organization is already on Facebook. But have you set up your page correctly for maximum engagement with your fans? You may think you have all the settings right, but small oversights can mean the difference between wasting your efforts or getting a high ROI for the time you spend posting on your page.
You probably put a lot of effort into your Facebook page, but to get the best results from your efforts, you can’t just create shareable content and hope for the best.  In fact, getting the best results from your Facebook presence is more important than ever. Here are the metrics you need to know.
Google updates change the world of search all the time, and online marketers need to constantly adapt their strategies to stay on the forefront of change. Usually, these changes affect all online marketers, but sometimes only a specific vertical is hit. Two days ago, Google announced this layout as a permanent change, a new feature called Destinations on Google. This has a huge impact for DMO marketers.
It’s easy to spend countless hours choosing color palettes, fonts and other razzle-dazzle for your new website, but many clients treat one very important aspect as an afterthought: the writing. Everyone wants a sharp-looking website, but style without substance just falls flat. Need convincing? Here are four solid reasons to invest in professional copywriting for your website.