Aristotle Helps Grow Rice: Agriculture experts at the Cooperative Extension office in Arkansas have mastermined the predictions of rice growing and Aristotle has built the data interface and reporting mechanisms to make it mobile and fast.
The voice search trend is becoming less of a trend and more of a feature of how we use the internet. And there’s lots of opportunity for your brand when you have the right answers!
Aristotle acquired a Google Ad Grant to promote Bikes, Blues & BBQ with free advertising on Google. A Google Ad Grant can provide up to $10,000/month of free advertising in Google Search to promote a nonprofit organization.
Mark Zuckerberg rocked the social media landscape again this month with an announcement about changes in Facebook’s news feed algorithm.
Discover 2 important SEO changes in 2018 and find out how to master SEO for your business with 3 easy tips from Sarah Stashuk of Aristotle Inc.
Kentucky’s fall football campaign asks a simple question: “If you’re going to Kentucky to see your team play, why not explore some while you’re there?”
The internet is constantly changing, but the human brain is not. Here are 10 easy tricks to hijack the human brain, so you can rest for a couple million years.
Most marketers only focus on rational factors to reach 5% of the human brain. Try these 8 neuromarketing tricks to unlock your persuasive powers & maximize ROI.
Programmatic advertising promised to be the savior of results-hungry brands, delivering high ROI with real-time bidding and machine learning. However, programmatic is wrought with controversy due to ad fraud and concerns for brand safety. How can advertisers avoid brand suicide while reaping the rewards of the programmatic realm?
What are the secrets to successful new market entry with paid search advertising? Whether you’re a new business entering a market for the first time or an established brand-building awareness in a crowded space, chances are you’re struggling to increase your share of voice, establish your brand affinity, and determine the best mix for your marketing investment.