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Many businesses don’t have the resources or time to research the industry, keep an eye on their competitors or discover what services can be optimized to take advantage of trending topics. We will provide you with in-depth Internet market research that can put your Web presence into perspective and get you moving forward. We’ve been conducting online research for clients since 1999. We developed one of the first website focus groups and online conversion studies for a tourism destination, and we continue to raise the bar in providing valuable consumer, user and market research.

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Aristotle’s Online Research can offer you:

  • Industry-Wide Audit

    Discover what’s currently working and what’s projected to succeed in your industry and take advantage by being early to market.

  • Consumer Report

    From customized surveys for your current clients to online reputation research and a website focus group, Aristotle will provide you with a comprehensive scope of your customer sentiment through expert Internet market research.

  • Search Engine Keyword Study

    Our SEO experts will provide insight regarding consumer searches and will make recommendations on pushing those search results back to your website.