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Web technology gives us more opportunities than ever before to track data and analyze results. At Aristotle, we provide valuable insight by measuring specific website metrics, such as click-through rates, point-of-sale conversions, brochure downloads and so much more. Our trained Google site analytics team can measure and track practically anything you want.

But, if you are focusing on the wrong data, too much information can steer you in the wrong direction. Sifting through all the data we collect, our team will provide one-on-one consulting to go over the analytics and help you understand your success or shortcomings. We will also guide you through the changing world of online analytics and help you adapt to new technologies and networks that affect you. By following the right website metrics, we will keep you on course to make sure your ROI is growing.

We provide the following analytic reports:

  • Enhanced Reports

    Detailed Google site analytics across a variety of channels, including your website, mobile site, mobile app downloads, social media networks, pay-per-click and display advertising, conversion metrics, and more.

  • Reputation Management

    Maintaining a solid reputation online is just as important as maintaining one in real life, and probably a little more difficult. We make it easier for your business by providing a four-part service that involves online conversation tracking, reporting, analysis and strategic marketing recommendations.

  • Campaign Promotional Reports

    Need to know if your online campaign strategy paid off? With our detailed and informative promotional reports, you’ll find out your ROI using collected data and metrics, plus gain new insights for your next campaign.