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Custom Songwriting & Production

Finding synergy between music, film and brands is a powerful and proven combination, but very few companies have the time, resources and expertise needed to create their own music, produce an award-winning video and find someone who can clearly understand their market and goals so all the pieces come together.

We secure songs, relationships with bands and music producers and put the right words and images to music to capture the unique qualities of your brand and marketing message.

Unify your brand’s website experience and marketing campaigns with the sound of your brand.

Film & Video

Stunning visuals and messages combined with the right music will take your marketing campaigns and give them power, emotion and a clearer message. Make them laugh, make them cry or make them think!

Slogan & Message Development

Concise, emotionally charged and unified words will be the connector of all your assets. Sometimes these are in the music, sometimes they are in content and copy. It all ties together, and we can tighten up the overall campaign by giving you the powerful language your brand needs.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Aristotle Entertainment blends knowledge of entertainment, content development, social media and online marketing to deliver campaigns that cut through the clutter and get results.

Online Media Advertising

Our online media buying experience will help you create an interactive online marketing campaign that successfully targets the customers that matter to you.

Discover Your Brand’s Signature Sound
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